Category Employment
Address Antwork, May Ziadeh Street, Spears, Kantari, Beirut, Lebanon
Year of Establishment 2020
Number of Staff 4
Number of Beneficiaries 600

We champion an inclusive economy that expands decent work opportunities for all in Lebanon

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Bedayati is a new social sector organisation that works to empower marginalized youth to access decent and sustainable employment, responding to their aspirations for change. It envisions an inclusive world of work where diversity is valued and where everyone has the opportunity to participate and make a change. Bedayati partners with a range of organisations to build diverse and inclusive workplaces, advocating an inclusive economy that works for everyone.

Board Members

Ghia Osseiran
Cofounder & Chair
Karim Chedid
Cofounder & Treasurer
Hady Khalaf
Cofounder & Secretary

Long term unemployment and inadequate and/or insufficient education and skills training only exacerbate the economic vulnerability of youth. This project invests in the education, training and guidance of marginalized youth encouraging their reintegration into the world of education and work. The aim of the project is to promote youth employability, restore livelihoods and help fight food insecurity among the most vulnerable communities in Lebanon.  The project directly contributes to the broader purpose of our organization, which is to promote the employability and inclusion of marginalized youth. 

The overall objective of this intervention is to widen opportunities for marginalized youth to access decent work. To this end, the project will:

Outcome 1: Enhance the basic literacy and core employability skills of marginalized youth

Bedayati’s Youth Program targets low-skilled youth who are struggling to access further education or employment. Students learn English, digital literacy and life skills. In addition to academic skills, they are engaged in sports (running program) and community service. Youth who are registered in Bedayati's Youth Program receive 300 contact hours over a period of 3 months. The aim of the program is to provide youth with the core soft skills and knowledge necessary to access entry-level jobs.

Outcome 2: Enhance access to employment services for marginalized youth

In addition to skills training, Bedayati provides youth with employment services including referrals to further education and training or employment. Jobseekers are guided to available vacancies that match their skills, interest and geographic location. They also provide youth who show interest in pursuing further education and training with guidance and financial support to enroll in technical education and vocational training.

Outcome 3: Enhance food security and access to short-term employment among the most vulnerable families in Beirut

In response to the economic crisis and subsequent to the COVID-19 lockdown, Bedayati launched a Community Kitchen, which has provided over 20,000 meals since they launched in May 2020. Hot meals have been served to the most vulnerable families in Beirut, including in an informal settlement in Beirut around the Sports Stadium and in the areas affected by the Beirut blast. Their Community Kitchen provides short-term employment opportunities for their youth, who work as kitchen assistants, helping with food purchasing, meal preparation and distribution. Through their work to support the kitchen operation, youth also learn teamwork, employability skills and community service.

Amount to be fundraised: $50,000

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