Vetting Process

NGOs and institutions that become part of the Foundation for Lebanon platform go through a thorough vetting and monitoring process.

In the initial phase, 3QA conducts a rigorous due-diligence process during which NGOs and institutions are required to provide key information in the areas of governance, finance, and M & E. The submitted information is then assessed and interviews are conducted with board members, beneficiaries, implementing partners, as well as, any relevant party to ensure the information submitted is correct.

Once an NGO or an institution passes the initial review and scoring conducted by 3QA, their file is subsequently presented to the Foundation’s Executive Committee for approval. This committee is in charge of verifying the submitted information to ensure the authenticity of the organisation.

As a final step in the vetting process, the files that are compiled on the NGOs or institutions which have passed the Foundation for Lebanon’s due diligence process are then submitted to the Board Members of Foundation for Lebanon for their final approval.


  • Registered established and grassroot organisations with a track record
  • National, regional and community-based organisations of all sizes
  • Sectors covered include Food Security, Shelter, Education, Healthcare, Human Rights, Culture & Heritage, Environment, and Employment
  • Organisations with diverse beneficiaries
  • Apolitical and secular organisations
  • Organisations that don’t discriminate among their beneficiaries
  • Organisations with project proposals indicating exactly how the donations will be spent


  • No discrimination among students
  • Apolitical institutions
  • Accredited institutions (for universities only)
  • Institutions with project proposals indicating exactly how the donations will be spent