Beit el Baraka

Beit el Baraka

Category Education
Address Shehade street, Achrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon
Year of Establishment 2018
Number of Staff 226

A non profit organisation that ensures dignity to destitute Lebanese families and retirees, by assisting them in their struggle with the increasing cost of living.

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Beit el Baraka is a Lebanon based charity. Our support program assists decent Lebanese families living in strong financial distress. We are trying to restrain the fall into poverty of a disappearing middle class.

Did you know?

• Due to the august 4th explosion, approximately 300,000 people have lost their homes, causing up to $10 bn in damages.

• The hyperinflation in the country has caused the Lebanese pound to lose 85% of its value, and as a result the economy collapsed and the rate of unemployment has risen to 40%.

• Lebanon is the sole country in the MENA region that does not offer social security for retirees in the private sector, and has the highest percentage of older adults who continue to work beyond the age of 65.

• Lebanon is experiencing a very fast demographic shift that implies a rapidly ageing population due to low fertility rates, high life expectancy, and very high out-migration rates.

• One in four children might not be able to attend school this year.

Due to the lack of measures and lack of government support addressing this alarming situation, we felt the dire need to step in, and protect the Lebanese family. Our core mission is to restore a sense of dignity to hard-working citizens and assist them in their struggle with the increasing cost of living.

To date, we have supported 220,000 people in need

A glance at our 4 services:

1. Decent housing: We refurbish the homes of our beneficiaries in order to provide decent living standards. We also settle unpaid bills (rent, electricity and water) for families of retirees.

Our impact: We are rehabilitating 3,011 homes and 230 small businesses devastated by the explosion. Our level our intervention covers the complete rehabilitation of structurally damaged homes and is done in very close collaboration with the Lebanese Army.

2. Medical support: Our medical support program fully covers treatment needs for our members. 

Our impact: We have 682 patients being treated for cancer, dialysis, diabetes, arthritis, glaucoma, osteoporosis, cataract, macular degeneration, and cardiovascular diseases; we also cover dental, hearing aids and prosthesis surgeries. 

3. A free supermarket: In February 2019, we opened an elegant free supermarket based on a system of points which makes our members feel they are "shopping", not seeking charity. Giving someone the freedom of choice means giving them dignity.

Our impact: We put food on the table of 220,000 people in need from all over Lebanon. And we have been vetted by international FMCG corporations such as P&G, Unilever, Nestlé, Henkel, Pepsi, Danone...

And in order to sustain our food aid program, we decided to launch our agro farming project. The sequential governments that impoverished Lebanon had no vision of a sustainable productive nation. Lebanon imports 80% of its food, and produces less than 10% of its needs in grains. And with no access to foreign currency, the risk of food shortage is now very high. Therefore, we have invested in agriculture and we are growing grains, vegetables and fruits. We also built a farm of sheep, cows and chickens, and 100 beehives for organic honey.

Our impact: We are able to cater to thousands of beneficiaries, and offer them healthy fresh produce. By doing so, their health improves and consequently, medical fees are reduced.

4. Education: We want to instill hope in children so they know it is possible to achieve what and who they aspire to become. We are paying tuitions, buying laptops and installing internet in students' homes.

Our impact: supporting 3,095 families to allow their children to continue their education. 

We've also set up a *psychological support unit* for adults and children by partnering with specialized Swiss therapists. Some affected people are particularly unable to cope with the scope of the tragedy and can easily develop PTSD and bad coping mechanisms.

We cover the entire Lebanese territory: 42% Greater Beirut, 28% South Lebanon, 30% North Lebanon.

Our major achievement remains our ability to keep our overheads at 2% of the total budget, proving how keen we are on optimizing every penny spent. We are regularly audited and our numbers are published on our website. Our donors can have full access to our bank accounts.

Beit el Baraka is a Lebanon based charity registered in Beirut by decree number 2277 and a 501(c)3 status- Beit el Baraka USA, handled by the global law firm *Morgan Lewis*

Board Members

Maya Chams
Founder & President
Alfred Tabet
Lawyer/ Treasurer
Aline Habboush Geffi

Beit El Baraka aims to raise funds to support its project "Forsa" which is a large-scale project that aims to contribute to the safeguarding of the the country's education by helping Lebanese private and semi-free schools overcome the unparalleled economic crisis that Lebanon is facing. Forsa is working to prevent the closure of these schools, and to contribute to the retention of its students and teaching staff.

The crisis has now affected 400,000 students of the 700,000 students in private schools, 59,000 teachers and 15,000 school administrators.

Amount to be fundraised: €749,800

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