Collège National Orthodoxe (St Elie)

Collège National Orthodoxe (St Elie)

Category Education
Address Mar Elias Street, El Mina, Tripoli, Lebanon
Year of Establishment 1900
Number of Staff 110
Number of Beneficiaries 950

To prepare learners in fostering an educational environment that equip them with knowledge and skills to become contributors to society and the evolving digital world.

Upcoming project

National Orthodox College, or St Elias school as most commonly known, was founded in 1900. Throughout the years, the school gained expertise and reputation by combining both the latest technological and educational methodologies.

St Elias school believes in the continuous improvement of its methodologies.

We work under the supervision of Bishop Ephrem Kyriakos, Metropolitan of Tripoli, Koura and its Dependences for Greek Orthodox, who strive to transform the school into a true workplace that “builds” an autonomous, unique, and remarkable person. This approach distinguishes our school from others, as we consider ourselves as a “family”, where teachers consider the students as their own kids, and pay all the attention needed to their personalities, capacities, and talents.

We strongly believe that our mission can only be accomplished through a successful relationship between the school, the students, and the parents.

Board Members

Bishop Ephrem Kyriakos
Metropolitan of Tripoli, Koura and its Dependences for Greek Orthodox – President
Archimandrite Kasianos Inati
Vice President
Dr. Saba Zreik
Dr. Naim Rouadi
Dr. Layla Tabchouri
Dr. Lili Maliha
Dr. Hamid Debs
Dr. Nicolas Loukas
Dr. Wahib Dawra

National Orthodox College is aiming to raise funds to cover the operational costs of the school in addition to providing financial aid to underprivileged students who can no longer afford to pay for their tuitions due to the economic crisis in Lebanon.

Amount to be fundraised: 1,061,301,000 LBP (~$42,455)*

* The applied conversion rate is based on the day the proposal was submitted

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