House of Christmas

House of Christmas

Category Education
Address Lebanon
Year of Establishment 2017
Number of Staff 33
Number of Beneficiaries 1500

Providing targeted support to stabilize & strengthen livelihoods

Upcoming project

The House of Christmas provides support to families in need across the country through our established network of social helpers, partner charities and local councils. We personally meet and develop a close relationship with each family, ensuring we can provide the necessary emotional and material support for their wellbeing. We are supported by a large number of volunteers and friends who are professionals in the medical, construction and corporate sectors and who assist us in each case we identify and support.

We provide the support needed in the following sectors: Housing & Rents; Home Improvements & Furniture; Medical interventions & Medications; Educational support, Scholarships & Nurseries; Care Homes Support; Food Supplies; Job Creation.

Board Members

Samar Hassan
Cofounder & Chair

Carine Tohme
Cofounder & Chair

Dr. Celine Harb
Cofounder & Secretary

Rita El Ashy
Cofounder & Treasurer

Karen Lattouf
Cofounder & Board Member

Adele Halabi
Cofounder & Board Member

House of Christmas aims to support 60 vulnerable families in need of educational support (scholarship and teaching materials), in particular following the challenges of the pandemic of the COVID-19 and the economic crisis Lebanon has been facing since October 2019.

Amount to be fundraised: €63,431

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