Saint Joseph University of Beirut

Saint Joseph University of Beirut

Category Education
Address Damascus road, Beirut, 1104 2020, Lebanon
Year of Establishment 1875

Saint Joseph University of Beirut (USJ) is a private Lebanese university, founded in 1875 by the Society of Jesus.

USJ's mission encompasses three main dimensions: research through new knowledge creation, teaching through knowledge transfer, and service through using knowledge in the service of society. To carry out this mission, the University defines itself as an academic institution of French language and culture, which favors biculturalism (both Arab and French cultures) and trilingualism (Arabic, English and French).

Board Members

Pr Salim Daccache
Rector and President of the USJ Foundation
Cynthia-Maria Ghobril Andrea
Director of the USJ Foundation
Roula Ghostine
Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Economics at USJ
Dr Fouad Zmokhol
Dean of the Faculty of Management and President of RDCL World
Dr Christian Makary
President of the Federation of USJ Alumni Associations
Pr Carla Eddé
Vice-Rector for International Relations
Carmel Ghafari Wakim
Former Secretary General of the USJ Foundation
President Chucri Sader
Former President of the Federation of Former USJ Associations
Dr Lina Oueidat
Advisor to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers National ICT & Cyber ​​Security Focal Point
Dr Victor Jebara
Member of the Board of Directors HDF and Vice-President of Heartbeat
Dr David Atallah
Gynecology-Obstetrics, Hôtel-Dieu de France Hospital
Youssef Dib
Managing Director of Private & Investment Banking at Banque Saradar de Beyrouth
Maroun Chammas
Chairman and CEO of Berytech
Roger Nasnas
Chairman of AXA Middle East
Antoine Wakim
Member of the HDF Board of Directors and Secretary General of the Maronite League
Dany Baz
Bankdata Director
Nabil Gemayel
Chairman and CEO of Gemayel Frères
Joseph El Fadl
Former Director of Deloitte
Yves Choueifaty
President of Tobam

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